online work

Sol LeWitt QR Code Generator
January 2024 - A tool for generating instructions for how to draw QR codes, inspired by Sol LeWitt's wall drawings (wip)
December 2023 - A site that teaches binary math through shitposting

Mr. Beast Saying Increasingly Large Amounts of Money
December 2023 - A study in the role of scale in virality

Test Ignore (wip)
November 2023 - Watch the latest videos that people have uploaded to YouTube and requested nobody watch

Are You The Asshole?
April 2022 - Three GPT-3 models fine-tuned on intentionally biased r/AmITheAsshole data

Super Fungible Token
January 2022 - Low-carbon NFT parody project allowing anyone to "funge" a URI

Deface Your Data
September 2021 - A chrome extension that protects your privacy while sending messages to people monitoring your behavior by dynamically editing UTM tags

The Little Tok of Horrors
January 2021 - An illustration of the difference between watching videos and processing them through smuggling a full movie onto TikTok
November 2020 - Exactly what it sounds like